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Membership FAQ's

How long is the waitlist?

At this point, the waitlist is closed. There are close to 100 people on the waitlist and to be honest, there is not a lot of movement. An average of the past few years suggests that about three memberships open per year.


How do I get on the waitlist?

If you are a member of The Passport Clubhouse already and would like to put your name on for another membership, please contact Joe at


What are the costs associated with The Passport Clubhouse?

There is a one-time deposit to be added to the waitlist of $1000. This amount is applied to your membership initiation when you are up for membership. At this time, the Charter Membership initiation is $95,000. The Signature Membership initiation is $65,000. Additionally, annual dues are billed in November of each year according to the type of membership you hold.

There is no lift access, season passes or otherwise included in these fees. Members and guests are responsible for any outside costs of usage.


The Passport Club
Phone: 970-754-8020
Fax: 970-754-8026
458 Vail Valley Drive | Vail, Colorado 81657